Here is what our customers had to say about us on our Yelp page.

Mallory V. from San Francisco, CA:
Had just purchased a 1975 VW bus in Washington and upon driving her home to SF, she was givin out. We sought a haven at Dean's Car Care that fit us in that day, addressed all our issues, gave us a great walk though of what to look out for and lil things to look at replacing as needed. The thing that impressed me most about the experience was, as a woman, I feel like mechanics usually look right through me and talk directly to the male accompanying me, but Dean spoke with me too, included me in pointing out the different engine parts, and answered my array of questions with respect, thought, and care. That was amazing. Thanks for taking good care of us, Dean, and our lil orange bus, Joy.
Dan O. from Arcata, CA:
Dean and Kevin are top notch passionate VW mechanics. I travelled from California just to have them work on my Vanagon. They found me a subaru engine, transplanted it into my 86' vanagon, and did a considerable amount of van maintenance. High quality work from trustworthy genuine guys at a really affordable price. If you own or are considering owning a VW do yourself a favor and see Dean's Car Care. After dealing with subpar VW mechanics - Dean and Kevin are godsends. Thanks for making my dream van come true guys!
Melissa F. from Portland, OR:
I took my Volvo 940 to Dean and his staff and had a fantastic experience. Dean is a very smart and thoughtful guy and does excellent work.

After driving my car and diagnosing the problems and before performing the repairs, Dean called and explained the potential repairs, which were most important and time sensitive, a cost estimate, and how long things would take. Dean explained complex problems in a language that I understood as someone with only basic car knowledge, and was able to make recommendations for future upkeep and repairs that could wait. Dean's was also very affordable and of the best quality!

I would highly recommend that anyone take their car here, these are passionate guys who provide a great service.
Danny F. from Portland, OR:
The thing about Dean that you need to know is that he's honestly really interested in why something isn't working, and he's interested in the act of trouble-shooting. It's the kind of creative problem-solving that I associate with the more brilliant people I know, and it's super refreshing from a mechanic. I'm more accustomed to mechanics jumping to conclusions and quoting wild prices, and talking to me like I'm a fool. When I asked what was wrong with my car/scooter when Dean worked on them, Dean showed me the part that was broken and explained how he had come to that conclusion, and why. I was like, oh yeah, these are component parts that work together and your explanation totally makes sense.

Yesterday I went to another shop and afterwards was like, dear god why didn't I call Dean's Car Care?
Nathan H. from Salem, OR:
I took my 1997 Saab into Dean's and it has turned out to be one of my best decisions of 2012.

Dean and the staff there are straightforward and very knowledgable. At Dean's you'll find reasonable prices and a crew that is passionate about what they do
Michael S. from San Francisco, CA:
  • Great service and quality people
  • Took my bus in and fixed an oil leak and starter issue in the same day
  • The most reasonable pricing you can imagine, they do it for love
  • Answered all my beginner questions and made me feel like a VW expert
  • Was proactive and made additional recommendations for future updates
  • Provided an estimate before starting work
  • Completed the work and I left feeling great
I might seriously move from san francisco to portland just to be closer to Dean's Car Care, a true VW gem.
Lindsey T. from Portland, OR:
I had nothing major done, but I loved the service I received. Dean and his staff were super friendly and I felt good after i left (I never feel good leaving an auto shop) Defiantly taking my VW back to Dean.